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Type Water-cooled direct injection turbocharged, after cooled diesel engine
No. Of Cylinders 6 In-Line
Bore / Stroke 114mm/144.5mm
Max. Engine Output (EEC-88/195) 370 BHP @ 2100 rpm
Max. Torque 1550 Nm @ 1200-1400 rpm
Compression Ratio 16.6:1
Firing Order 1-5-3-6-2-4
Air Filter Dry type remote mounted
Oil Filter Full flow spin on paper type
Fuel Filter Pre and fine filtration with water separator
Fuel Injection Pump CCR
Governor Turbo Charger Holset
Capacity Of Cooling System High : 23 Litres Low : 19 Liters Total: 27.6 Litres
Weight Of Engine 868 kg (Dry)- With fly wheel & alternator, but without starter & Air compressor.
Radiator Frontal Area 0.587 Sq. Meter
Coolant Water and Ethylene Glycol in 1:1 ratio by Volume.
Type Single Disc, Dry friction type.
Outside diameter of clutch lining 430 mm
Friction Area 1984 sq.cm
Material-Option I - Organic ,Option II - Ceramic
Model Eaton fso10309- 9 speed with crawler & one reverse
Gear Ratios 1st-10.58 2nd-7.38 3rd-5.23 4th-3.71, 5th-2.73 6th-1.99 7th-1.41 8th-1.00, 9th-0.74 Rev-10.59
Model TATA RA-210HR-T
Type Planetary hub reduction, fully floating axle shafts
Ratio 5.492
Capacity - FWD-16 Ton, RWD-16 Ton
Type Heavy duty forged I beam Reverse Elliot type
Capacity 7.5 Ton
Type RHD-Integral Hydraulic power steering - Tiltable & Telescopic stg. Column
Also LHD Compatible.
Standard Wheel Diameter 470 mm
Ratio Option I - Variable 22.2 to 26.2:1,
Option II - Fixed 24.2:1 Option III -
Fixed 24.6:1
Service Brake Full Air Dual circuit - S Cam with ABS
Brake Drum Diameter 410*200 mm - Front 410*220 mm - Drive
Lining Area Front - 1120 sq. cm. x 2, Total-2240 sq.cm, Drive - 1240 sq.cm. x 4,
Total - 4960 sq.cm.
Parking Brake Type Hand operated air assisted spring actuated parking brake acting on rear wheels.
Engine Exhaust Brake Jake Brake
Brake Adjuster -Auto slack adjuster 160mm length
Max. braking pressure at chamber- 7.5 bar. Brake chamber actuator size-T30
chamber for front, T30/ 30 Actuator for Rear.
Type Ladder type heavy duty frame with riveted/bolted cross members Side
members are of channel section 286 x 90 x 7mm (Type F2) Frame Width @
Frt-950mm Frame Width @ Rear-850mm
Type Parabolic leaf spring at front & Two spring balance beam Bogie with semi-elliptic multi leaf spring & rubber mounted torque rods and V-rod at Rear. Design Capacity Front - 7.5 Ton Rear-26 Ton
Spring Span Front -1750 mm Rear-1350 mm
Leaf Width Front-90 mm Rear -90 mm
Shock Absorber Hydraulic double acting telescopic type only at front
Antiroll Bar At Front Only
Tyres 315/ 80R22.5 Rib at Front 315/ 80R22.5 LUG at Rear
Wheel Rims 9 x 22.5 rim 10 holes with PCD 335, offset 175, Bore Dia 281, Wheel Stud M22.
No. Of Wheels Front-2, Drive-8, spare-1
Capacity (370 + 260) LITRES (STD.) 370 LITRES (OPTIONAL)
Types C-SL Low Roof CAB - New look full forward steel cab with rigid structure & 4 point suspension, Hydraulic tilting (angle 65 degree),85 degree door opening, Adjustable steering wheel, cushion type special berths, Ergonomically located access grab rails & anti-skid footstep. Easily visible & accessible display & controls, fully trimmed cab interiors, Int. Trim option - Opt I-Fabric, Opt II-Plastic, Large storage box, Driver & co-driver adjustable bucket seats, Seat adjustment Option - Opt I-Mechanical, Opt II-Pneumatic.
System Voltage 24 Volts
Alternator Capacity 28V, 90 Amps
Battery Major Feature Options - Optional - HVAC, Instrument cluster-Base, Central Door Locking System. Option II - FATC, Instrument cluster Mid, Remote key- less entry, GPS, Immobilizer/Anti-theft, Power Window, In cab socket (12V).
Details Max. Geared Speed in Top Gear (With Std. Rear Axle) 103 kmp. Max. climbing ability in crawler gear ratio (with standard Gear Box & Rear Axle) 30.6% Minimum Turning Circle Dia. In mm as per IS: 9435 14220 mm
Minimum Turning Clearance Circle Dia. in mm as per IS:9435 15920 mm
Environmental & Operating Conditions Temperature: -20deg.C TO + 50deg.C Max.
Altitude for continuous operation - 2000m
Noise & Vibrations as per CMVR Rule.


Front axle to drive rear axle (F) 3215
Wheel Base 3890
Drive Rear axle (F) to trailing axle (R) 1350
Track Front 2062
Track Rear Axle 1900
Overall Length 6968
Max. Width 2585
Front Overhang 1482


Tolerance as per INTEREUROPE St. VZO.
Bare chassis kerb weight with Cab (with spare wheel & tools) as per IS 9211
9920 Kg (FAW - 4900, RAW - 5020)
Max. Permissible GCW 49000 Kg
Max. Permissible FAW 6000 Kg
Max. Permissible RAW 19000 Kg Max.
Permissible weight on Trailer axle (3 Axle) - 24000 kg
King pin offset 320 mm
Size 2 Inch (Std.) 3.5 Inch (Optional)
Un-laden height of 5th wheel coupling above ground 1315mm
Brakes ABS brake-Drum Dia.410*220mm, Lining area-1240 sq.cm x 3, Brake Adjuster, Auto slack adjuster 160mm length, Max. braking pressure at chamber-7.5bar, Brake chamber actuator size - T30/30 Actuator. Brake Coupling-2 x alloy Palm Coupling chambered seal (M22x1.5)
Electrical 24V DC Electrical system, electrical connections through 7 pole connectors(3Nos.) Main, Auxiliary lighting & Trailer ABS, conforming to Indian/ Korean & European regulations, 7Pole 24N Connector-ISO 1185, 7Pole 24S Connector-ISO 3731, 7Pole ABS

* Standard & Optional Features

• The models and the specifications presented here may vary from country to country. Please contact our authorised distributor/ dealer in your country for more information on the available models in your country, technical details, equipment specifications and available colors.

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