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The heaviest payloads, the steepest gradient and the most demanding routes, Tata LPK 2523 is here and will take your business to a new level. A truck capable of unequalled maneuverability and superior performance, Tata LPK 2523 assures productivity along with profitability.

Tata LPK 2523 comes with powerful, fuel-efficient engine and is backed by Tata Motors engineering excellence. With higher horsepower (232 HP) and torque (814N-m), this truck gives you a driving experience, unlike any other. The Tata LPK 2523 is high on performance, strength and reliability. The vehicle is designed to bring in higher revenues, driver comfort and durability.
Comfort & Convenience
50º Tipping Angle
Safety & Security
Hydraulic telescopic shock-absorbers
Engine Exhaust Brake


* Standard & Optional Features

• The models and the specifications presented here may vary from country to country. Please contact our authorised distributor/ dealer in your country for more information on the available models in your country, technical details, equipment specifications and available colors.

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