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Give your business a super boost with Tata Motor's powerful and ultra-stylish India's first only mini truck Ace HT.

The Ace HT is powered by a powerful 16 HP, 700cc heavy duty engine (double cylinder water cooled highly fuel efficient) that covers long distances up to 500 Kms. quickly and easily. The Ace HT is big on performance, going at 64 Kms/ hour top speed. With a fast turnaround time, stability of 4 wheels and a host of features like excellent driving facility and visibility, powerful brakes, comfortable all steel lockable cabin, seating comfort, large loading area, high fuel efficiency, more power and less maintenance, high safety, the vehicle is an ideal solution for highway travel, village to city and city to city movement of goods. With class leading style & cabin comfort coupled with exhilarating performance, the Ace HT is truly powered to take your business places.
Heavy duty chassis frame
Body colored front bumper
Stability of 4 wheels
Frontal crash, roof crush and rear wall strength for safety
Large head lights with bright halogen bulbs and prominent tail lamps
All steel lockable cabin to provide protection from rain, heat, cold & theft
Largest loading area for all types of load
Excellent driving visibility
Safe night driving
Powerful brakes
Better control
Good for bad roads
Allowed on highways
Quick turn around
Car like comfortable cabin
Seating comfort - adjustable deluxe seats and shock absorbers
Optimum ingress height with wide door opening angle
Optimum loading bed height
Truck like rear axle
Large loading area
More power
Good speed
Better pulling power
Good for multiple trips
Good load carrying ability
Bigger tyres for longevity
Low maintenance cost
Good climbing ability
Car like comfort
Better safety
Complies to futuristic norms of road safety
Truck like rear axle
All-steel lockable cabin
Powerful brakes front disc brakes
Powerful rear drum brakes
Large headlamps for safe night driving
Large windshield and window glass for good visibility


* Standard & Optional Features

• The models and the specifications presented here may vary from country to country. Please contact our authorised distributor/ dealer in your country for more information on the available models in your country, technical details, equipment specifications and available colors.

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